At Home With Xavier Fox book launch

Two weeks ago, Xavier Fox and I launched our collaboration, our new photobook, At Home With Xavier Fox at The Photobook Cafe, a really lovely venue in Shoreditch and it was a wonderful occasion.

The furries and me, Bullet, Lexi, Xavier Fox, Shiro and Rutt. (photo-Eridani Fox)

Xavier Fox and his furry friends came down, which take it from me really livens up proceedings.

My friend and supporter, Fee came down with her daughter, Primrose who was absolutely fascinated by seeing a six foot fox and a similarly sized Dragon.

That reaction was mirrored by a friend of mine, Gaby who said to me later that she felt overwhelmed by seeing the furries in real life, that is exactly how I reacted to seeing my first furry or fursuiter back in 2008 when I first met this amazing community.

From left to right, Fee, Primrose, Lexi, Ailsa, Bullet, Xavier Fox, Gaby and me. (Photo: Roger Fawcett-Tang)

I had my first book for sale, At Home With The Furries as well alongside the new book, which was a good idea as they were really popular too. In fact supporters came and bought both books.

The event was really buzzing, such a positive atmosphere and in fact doing the book launch there was a nice way to close the circle. In 2019 I launched my first book, At Home With The Furries there and Xavier Fox attended.

A wonderful group photo courtesy of @eridanifox

The furries are a creative community so it was easy enough to rely on them for some great photos of the launch and they duly obiliged. Eridani Fox and Alto Fluff took some cracking pictures.

Xavier Fox and me at our book launch (Photo: Alto Fluff)

The amount of book sales I made on the evening and subsequently online have helped me see that perhaps, just maybe there’s a future in which patrons and supporters help me produce the kind of work I want to.

That sees the world in an unique way, my way. Which is to say I have a voice honed by my many years of working in photography, working with communities and being the conduit to their stories and their lives.


Prior to the book launch I was starting to think that maybe I didn’t have a future in photography, that maybe it was time to call it a day. I have had success, I have published books, have had my work in exhibitions and I’ve been commissioned. But financially it’s a struggle and of late more of a struggle than its ever been.

I have a Patreon page, which is to help me finance a new project, an amazing project called Hope of the Water Spirits about mermaids and mermen, exploring the wonder of the merfolk community in Britain and I hope the British Isles too, all the way to the Channel Islands and back.

Sirona Thorneycroft, Rottingdean Beach (from the series, Hope of the Water Spirits)

You can read all about the project and how it has just been shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition here

To continue in photography in a sustainable way I’m asking for your help to do so. You can become a valued patron for as little as a pound a month or more. The more patrons I get the more likely it is than I can drive this and other projects forward.

Become a patron here

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