Saethwr the Dragon-At Home With The Furries

Two weeks ago, I photographed a red dragon who lives in Cardiff, there I’ve said it. Surely I don’t have to explain any further. Saethwr, pronounced Sa-thea is a furry with a particulary interesting fursuit, one of most unique in the UK, he’s a great big dragon with massive wings. We’ve been speaking for a…

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The furries take a Time Out!

In today’s Time Out London, you’ll find a nice little feature I worked on with the legendary Alix Fox, a report on the Londonfurs weekender. There’s a big boat trip this Friday, I’ll be popping along on the Saturday for a pint so see you there! To see more of my furry adventures including the…

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50 States in 30 Days-An interview with Mark Chilvers-Photographer

Mark Chilvers started as a photographer with The Independent in 1998. Since then he’s not only shot numerous assignments for the Indy and Sindy ( Independent on Sunday) but has developed a real taste for travel reportage photography and portraiture to boot. Clients include The Guardian Weekend, The Observer, The Independent, Time magazine, Stern and…

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Lucas Foglia-photographer

Sophie Bindloss

Nice set by Lucas Foglia about off-the-grid communities in the states. In keeping with the method of photography, it feels very simple and just right in tone.

The blogger is Sophie Chapman-Andrews, head art buyer at McCann London

The photographer

Robert Capa-fashion photographer?

At this rate, Panos will be selling glamour images and VII will have moved into wedding photography. Recently I was asked to cast my eye over a book proposal for a fashion book. So naturally I got straight on the blower to my old mate at Magnum to request the Christian Dior ‘New Look’ campaign…

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Pazuzu vs Kebab-At Home With The Furries

Spoiler Alert: There were no kebabs eaten, I think Pazuzu is really a secret salad eater. Soon as we got in there, he could not make up his mind. A sure sign of someone who’s guzzling sorrel, lettuce and tomatoes on a regular basis. Pazuzu is quite unusual for a furry as he really plays…

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Pazuzu and Fruitloop-At Home With The Furries

As if meeting a motorbike riding raptor wasn’t enough, a short costume change later and we have two very different personalities. Pazuzu and Fruitloop, a demon lord and a bat respectively. Pazuzu kicks off to a very innocent question from me about where he’s from, informing me in quite strident tones that he’s not merely…

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Rebel and Godzuki-At Home With The Furries

A dinosaur on a motorbike, well stranger things have happened although I’m struggling to think of anything this recent. Anyway this was a velociraptor, only the coolest dino on the block. Saturday saw us (that is me and Lauren Marchant-my assistant) head up to Milton Keynes to continue with the furry project. Her name is…

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