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Sirona Thorneycroft, Rottingdean Beach

Did you know that only one in 250 people convert their likes, tweets and shares into financial support for the artists they follow? Are you one of those special supporters?

As I develop Hope of the Water Spirits which will capture the stories of mermaids and mermen from around the U.K I’d like your help to reach my goal. You can support me in a number of ways.

  1. Become a Patron
  2. A one-off payment
  3. Visit the shop to purchase books and limited edition prints


You can join a very special group of supporters on my Patreon page, you can pledge from just £1 upwards. I’ll be posting updates as I develop my newest work, Hope of the Water Spirits as well as my insights into publishing photobooks. Have a look here.


To thank you for donating your name will be added to a special page in the final book of Hope of the Water Spirits. It’s set at £10 so once you click the button below you can change the amount as you wish.

If you’d like to pledge in a different currency or if you need any help, get in contact with me here.


You can visit my shop here where you can find copies of my books, At Home With Xavier Fox and At Home With The Furries plus limited edition prints too.

At Home With The Furries on the left, from 2018 and At Home With Xavier Fox published this year

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