Tessa Farmer

Tessa is an artist who works in the macabre. It’s beyond ordinary taxidermy art ( as though the work of for example Polly Morgan can hardly be called ordinary). Tessa works with dead insects, is that insectadermy?? The ongoing theme is that fairies have taken control of the insect population so as to get revenge on the wider world.
She was photographed for Bizarre magazine by yours truly! at The Last Tuesday Society which hosted her exhibition. This incredible shop, stuffed full of wondrous delights is worth a visit anytime.

I found Tessa incredibly shy and not at all confident in front of the camera ( who is these days?) So we talked about her work, how she feels when she makes it. Tessa mentioned that dreams play a big part in her work, this seemed to help to relax her a bit.

All the work was hanging in the gallery, there were animal skeletons being attacked by tarantulas, bugs and all sorts of beautiful and not so beautiful creatures.

The piece de resistance had to be the fabulous stuffed swan being attacked by ants. This gave me an idea of doing a version of Leda and the Swan. The myth goes that Leda falls for this beautiful swan which turns out to be the god, Zeus in disguise.

Read the interview in the Halloween issue of Bizarre, out 25th October.