Fangorn The Tiger- At Home With The Furries

After we’d breathed fire with Saethwr, we headed off to Swansea to meet up with a tiger.

Fangorn tweeted me after the Sunday Times ran the furry series saying he would love to take part in the project, and once I’d seen his suit I had to agree. It’s what we call in the trade a partial and was made by Clockwork Creature in the states, they specialise in the more realistic type suits: think Pazuzu and Zuki. (I’m turning into a bit of a furry geek I’m afraid)

Anyway he’s a tiger. We’d discussed a couple of ideas which were relevant to his character and his home life. One was he liked to play banjo, the other the small matter of him being a full fledged Jedi, yes with the lightsaber and everything.

I always like it when the furries mix up their fandoms, it’s as though they’re the A-listers of cos-play.

No videos on this one I’m afraid, mainly because my glamorous assistant was holding a light for both set-ups, I know what a slacker!!

Banjo in the garden was the first set-up, we had to work fast as the sun was dropping and we had the perfect spot on the bench.

Fangorn started finger picking the Deliverance soundtrack
Play that deliverance song again Sam (Picture: Matt Writtle)
"I'll never turn to the dark side" Sorry wrong caption
“I’ll never turn to the dark side” ( sorry wrong caption)   (Picture: Matt Writtle)

With shaking hands, whether it was the heat or the speed we were working: I wasn’t sure but I did appreciate the lemon tea served up by Mrs Fangorn Snr.

Once that was out of the way, Fangorn made a swift change into his Jedi suit and we did a few shots of him in his living room. It isn’t always the case that I need the furries to be looking away from camera, concentrating on something else. Sometimes them looking at camera with a few suggestive details around them is just as strong.

"I am your father" ( sorry wrong caption again ) (Picture: Matt Writtle)
“I am your father” ( sorry wrong caption again ) (Picture: Matt Writtle)

I’m editing the final shots at the moment and they’re very special, definitely more Empire Strikes Back than Return of The Jedi.

Up next is a surprise, but I promise you it will be pawsome!! (Okay okay, that’s a shocker, sorry)