Tom Six-Human Centipede Director

Tom Six photographed by Tom Broadbent for Bizarre magazine.

I was tempted to call this post Absolute Filth as that really sums up the Human Centipede movies. You can find the full interview in Bizarre magazine, out today the 27th September! (That’s the PR out of the way) Back to business!

This shoot came about because Tom Six released Human Centipede 2: Second Sequence and the BBFC promptly banned it. Who knows why?

No actually I do know why and to tell you would ruin the film if that is you actually get to see it. A trip to the states and Australia would assue your interest I guarantee it!! Or you can read all about it in Bizarre, out now!! ( I promise not to plug it again…maybe..:-)

So Bizarre interviewed him all about this controversial ban of outrageousness and I went down to shoot some pictures of him. The location was the London Tombs which got my mind working overtime. The ideas factory kicked in and I came up with one great idea! Hey you can’t rush these things. One’s better than nothing after all!!
I had spoken with the PR at the film distributors to get an extra half hour with Tom Six so I could really get the most of him.

The writer was the inimitable Alix Fox, check out her blog here. Front section editor of Bizarre and all round good sort. She chewed the fat with Tom, I set up the gear and then hung around like a good ‘un wanting for my chance to jump in and do some piccies.

When the time came to do the shots, I wanted a really sinister portrait of Tom, to go with that theme of the movies, essentially how an evil doctor/ wackjob stitches people mouth to bum for his weird delights/ pipe cleaning. Apologies if that’s just made you a bit ill.
So after exchanging pleasantries with Tom, I told him the plan, essentially he was the absolute crack a jack, an absolute so and so and we were going down the route of swearing at each other to make the pictures as bonkers as possible..actually as I recall I was the one doing most of it.

Read all about it in the latest issue of Bizarre magazine, out now.