Breaking the Rules

One of our unwritten rules for commissioning photography on Bizarre is Thou Shalt Not Shoot on Film. I mean really, you’re telling me there are photographers out there still plying their trade shooting jobs on film. It’s going to go digital at some point in the production process, let’s make it right from the start. Oh yes they can have a little rant about the quality of the film. I can only imagine how enjoyable it is to scan three rolls of film with clone tool in hand.
Okay with digital you have the small issue of backing up your backups on fifteen different hard drives. Of which five are bound to fail at the precise moment the client calls to order a hi res…but you know you can’t have everything you know.
So with those rules set in stone or in blood…it being Bizarre after all. I commission a photographer to shoot a job on film. After all what’s the point of having rules if you’re never going to break them!!
Zack Canepari is the chief. Top drawer photographer. He has a lovely website called California Is A Place
So Zack is one of these photographers who are really pushing into short films, he’s one of these convergence types. Check out the Aquadettes for a film that really leads you in with what seems to be quite a nice lifestyle film and then really pulls you up for a short lesson in the realities of life.
I spotted that Zack had done a great story on a sex doll manufacturer in LA. And we’re not talking about those cheapo ones you find down in Soho ( not that I have any knowledge about those shops or anything..;-)
These retail for £5k, look incredibly realistic and become long term companions for their buyers, ahem or something!
These are without doubt the weirdest and most striking images of this subject I’ve seen( and I’ve seen a lot let me tell you, seems that one of these stories comes out every year!)

Real Doll Factory by Zack Canepari for Bizarre magazine
Real Doll Factory by Zack Canepari for Bizarre magazine
Real Doll Factory by Zack Canepari for Bizarre magazine

A few months ago, an assignment came up photographing inside the prop house, Dapper Cadaver. They construct from hand terrifying set-pieces for films, music videos and TV shows. Think corpses and bloodied limbs for Pirates of the Caribbean, Saw and Dexter to name a few. I fancied that Zack might be able to deliver something similar to his sex doll images. That kind of pull focus, atmospheric type images pulling out lots of little details.

I wasn’t wrong. And he insisted on shooting it on film! This teaches me one thing, the only thing that matters is the final result. And what a final result it is!!

Dapper Cadaver by Zack Canepari for Bizarre magazine
Dapper Cadaver by Zack Canepari for Bizarre magazine
Dapper Cadaver by Zack Canepari for Bizarre magazine