Shocking Images

In seven years on the Bizarre picture desk, I’ve seen some pretty horrendous images. The kind of pictures that time just doesn’t shake from the memory. Amongst them are the baby abandoned on the streets of a town in China, a kitten crushed underfoot by a woman wearing high heels and relentless animal cruelty that doesn’t seem to have an end.

Yesterday I received an email alert from Foto8 with a video slideshow by Johann Rousselot. He is a photographer and journalist who frustrated at the lack of attention and access to real news from Syria that he has compiled a feature consisting of videos and photos from cellphone images. There’s something about this type of media, that is moving images, stills and sound that really brings home just how awful the situation is over there. There are some unbelievable images on this film and it’s worth watching. Not because I’m a gore junkie or anything but because these are real people suffering, not statistics on a computer screen or newspaper report.

You can see the video here: Syrial Killing by Johann Rousselot