Santa Muerte by Nadav Neuhaus

This feature on the worshipping of Saint Death, a deity represented by a skeleton which has replaced traditional Catholism in certain shall we say less salubrious parts of Mexico was an assignment by Nadav Neuhaus for Bizarre magazine.

It’s one of my favourites and it’s something I’ll be exploring on this blog in the future when I interview Nadav about this and his other work as well.

Nadav is based out of New York although he travels a lot.  He’s a news and features photographer and counts Stern and The New York Times amongst his regular clients. I had met Nadav a few times in Perpignan for the odd drink here and there and a chat. He struck me as one of those guys who could get the picture no matter what the circumstances. He’s being embedded a few times so can certainly handle himself.

Here is the feature we ran, it ran in Issue 170 (January 2011). I knew it was going to be an outstanding piece of work as he sent me the shot which we used to open the feature after only a day of being there. In all, he submitted over 100 incredible images.

Nadav Neuhaus – Photojournalist and film-maker –