The Yakuza by Anton Kusters

I was thinking the other day…bloody hell we’ve done so many amazing features in Bizarre Magazine which most people will probably won’t have seen…probably put off by the shall we say…challenging covers!!

Plus I’m determined to do a blog post in less than ten minutes…so here we go.

Here’s one by Anton Kusters, it ran in Bizarre Issue 185 in a Japanese Special.
Admittedly I had spotted it a few months before in The Sunday Times magazine, so we thought let’s do five pages on this story. Anton Kusters is one of the first westerners to have been granted access to the closed world of The Yakuza in Japan. He has in fact done a book on it and he’s a photographer, well photojournalist to give him a more accurate description. Anton specializes in long term, in-depth assignments. Here’s his website.

Apart from the fact Anton had gotten access to this very closed world which is a miracle in itself. His images were very well judged, both in tone and context. Now I only wish I’d bought one of his limited edition books ( they sold out in minutes!!)

In the interview, Anton reveals how important it is to garner an understanding of the culture and to follow certain etiquette when photographing. Worth a read.