At Home With The Furries receives 10,000 hits in a day

At Home With The FurriesYesterday something extraordinary happened, I got an email from my website provider, Digital Photo Gallery saying I’d used up 90% of my monthly bandwidth. So what, you may say? You’re a popular guy, people like your website. Well I hope they do, nice of you to say!!

People were viewing the Furry project every second pretty much. And yesterday there were over 10 000 views. That is pretty incredible. Today, we’re on 2500 so far, I wonder if we’ll breach the heady heights of yesterday.

Feature Shoot ran an article on my work last week and then other bloggers started picking up on the feature they did. If you type in my name and Furries into Google, you’ll see. It’s pretty amazing!! A bit like a snowball effect. The key though is they kept in the link to my site…cheers guys!!

Slideluckpotshow will be featuring the work as part of their Austin V show on February 9th with a very special soundtrack. For all those not in Austin, Texas: it’ll feature on their site as well here

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