Rebel and Godzuki-At Home With The Furries

A dinosaur on a motorbike, well stranger things have happened although I’m struggling to think of anything this recent. Anyway this was a velociraptor, only the coolest dino on the block.

Saturday saw us (that is me and Lauren Marchant-my assistant) head up to Milton Keynes to continue with the furry project.

Rebel wonders when I'm going to get changed
There’s a moment when they turn up and you suddenly remember why you started the project in the first place: because furries are amazing!! ( Photo: Lauren Marchant)

Her name is Rebel and by day she works as a mortician. Being a furry allows her to express her fun loving side, she said. She hangs out with Godzuki, her partner-in-crime!!

Godzuki and Rebel share a moment
Godzuki and Rebel share a moment ( Photo: Lauren Marchant)

Inspired by the film, Jurassic Park which apparently made Raptor’s the sexiest dinosaurs this side of the Watford Gap: the suit is what’s known as a partial and intended to be worn with a full set of leathers.

Godzuki, Lauren and Rebel
Godzuki, Lauren and Rebel

Godzuki by contrast is a rather wonderful wolf. There’s obviously some sort of prehistoric lupine connection going on.

Rebel dropped me off at the train station: just kidding officer
Rebel dropped me off at the train station: just kidding officer ( Photo: Lauren Marchant)

Tomorrow Pazuzu and Fruitloop introduce themselves and we find out if Demon Lords are more into Shish or Donor kebabs…