Pazuzu and Fruitloop-At Home With The Furries

As if meeting a motorbike riding raptor wasn’t enough, a short costume change later and we have two very different personalities. Pazuzu and Fruitloop, a demon lord and a bat respectively. Pazuzu kicks off to a very innocent question from me about where he’s from, informing me in quite strident tones that he’s not merely a demon lord but that he originates from Sumeria and he’s here to see his adoring public.

Pazuzu fronting up ( Photo -Lauren Marchant)
Pazuzu fronting up (Photo -Lauren Marchant)

One mention of the fact that his adoring public consists of me, Lauren and my camera seems to put the spanner in the works somewhat. But as he’s want to do and with a few cheeky glances from Fruitloop he settles into being photographed.

Pazuzu discusses how having wings rather than hands makes eating Pot Noodles more of a challenge ( Photo-Lauren Marchant)

I ask if them being out in the sun is a good idea, being a dark lord and all that. Pazuzu retorts he’s not a vampire, the sun is good for my fur. Besides which he’s applied factor 650.

Fruitloop, Lauren and Pazuzu
Fruitloop, Lauren and Pazuzu
The usual suspects
The usual suspects ( Photo-Lauren Marchant)

Tomorrow Pazuzu goes for a Shish kebab and eats the whole thing himself ( Bit greedy!!) I suppose I should have expected that. This is what Demon Lords do or so I’ve heard!!