Pazuzu vs Kebab-At Home With The Furries

Spoiler Alert: There were no kebabs eaten, I think Pazuzu is really a secret salad eater. Soon as we got in there, he could not make up his mind. A sure sign of someone who’s guzzling sorrel, lettuce and tomatoes on a regular basis.

Pazuzu waking the neighbours
Pazuzu finding his adoring public has abandoned him yet again


Pazuzu is quite unusual for a furry as he really plays a character, he speaks, well more like demands that he’s listened to: which makes him fairly unique as most furries don’t speak when suited up. Which makes him really popular when convincing the staff of his local kebab house to let us take some pictures there.

Roping in the staff to hold the reflector

The nice thing is that Pazuzu waltzed into the shop and they recognised him immediately, a casual wave. Yes no problem they said. It was quite busy as well. After I shot some pictures, the staff asked me to take a picture of their chef with a flaming pan.

I'll have it well-done then
I’ll have it well done then

At Home With The FurriesThanks to all the staff at Babajee Peri-Peri. The food looked fantastic, I’ll definitely be popping back at some point.