My first ever magazine cover-Sleazenation

As some savvy social media spark called out today as being Throwback Thursday. How about me posting my first magazine cover. It was for the hipster bible; Sleazenation in 2000. This was before the innocents of Shoreditch and Hoxton found a name to describe their fashion sense or lack thereof. Although beards will never go out of fashion, take it from me…living proof!

This was a fun shoot to do, quite simple really. I’m not one to talk up equipment by any means, but when one carries a Yashica TLR in one hand, a roll of Velvia in the other and a couple of close-up lenses tucked into a shirt pocket, it’s tempting to go all nostalgic over the days of guessing the exposure, the focus and just about everything else!

And it made the cover which I was quite happy about, in fact a poster of this image adorns my entrance hall, it has proved remarkably popular with tradesmen and couriers for some reason.