Marshall the dog and Branston the horse-At Home With The Furries

Marshall is a border collie who contacted me earlier this summer ( yes, I’m hanging onto the remains of the best summer we’ve had in years..!). He lives in Woking and promised me a cup of tea and a sandwich. Which as anyone knows is enough to get me on a train to just about anywhere.

He has two suits: Marshall, a border collie and he also plays as a horse, under Branston. What I liked about Marshall is that he had seen the project and really wanted to be part of it, which is always nice.

There’s something quite special about working with the furries, once you have the trust, you’re golden. Soon as I arrived we had a cup of tea and chatted for a while about furries, suiting, mutual friends and photography.

After all this time of doing shoots with furries, it always surprises me how much of a transition it can be once the suit goes on and the character comes out. Marshall is to be fair a bit daft and knows it. He likes mucking about and being a bit silly. Which is fine, being silly is good in my book. There should be more of it as far as I’m concerned.

In keeping with the theme, here’s a very silly video. Eight seconds of master film-making!

Marshall’s main hobbies are motor racing, what have you never seen a dog chasing a car? You haven’t lived my friend.

At Home With The Furries
Hobbies include a slight obsession with motor racing

We had carrot soup for lunch which was very pleasant. Come to think of it, we had carrot juice as well, now if I were a betting man I’d be thinking there’s a connection here.

Now for the mane event ( I'm sorry!)
Now for the mane event ( I’m sorry!)

Say hello to Branston, a particularly impressive horse. The first equine I’ve photographed and hopefully not the last! Blacksnip, we’re neigh-ly there! ( This has to stop!)

Fun furry fact: if you meet a gryphon or a bird of some kind, they might be described as a ‘feathery’ a dragon, insect or snake could be a ‘scaly’ and horses are ‘hoofers’ ( well maybe, certainly not ‘bronies’ that’s something else entirely)

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If you’re a furry with an awesome suit and you’d like to take part, why not get in touch via  email & twitter it would be great to hear from you.