It’s like buses, you wait for one and then three come along at once! Part 3-Modified

Even though I’ve worked on nearly 100 issues of Bizarre , yes count ’em 100 copies; every feature we do is a challenge. It has to be said though that hiring amazing photographers like Nadav Neuhaus, Shaul Schwarz, Neville Elder and Naomi Harris really helps. I recall commissioning Timothy Allen to cover an experience piece: Custard Catfighting. I asked for twenty crackers, he delivered over a hundred…I’m telling you, these snappers take the biscuit sometimes..;-)

Lately the six P’s( Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!!) have been seen a bit more action especially when it comes to shooting these features myself. I know what you’re thinking, a job comes in. You commission yourself to do it. End of story. Well funnily enough….

Put it this way, if it was a reportage story I would look at the most qualified candidate, the most accomplished documentary photographers working today and I’d still do it myself ( I jest!!) Possibly a Matt Writtle( check out his honey film here), Justin Sutcliffe, Vicki Couchman, Abbie Trayler-Smith or Peter Dench special.

This particular assignment was to do a portrait of Paul Cotrulia, the director of a new film called Modified. All about body modifications in a twisted sci-fi revenge thriller. Of course no simple portrait would do the trick. He had promised that he would be bringing some of the prosthetics featured in the film so when we met at an editing suite at a studio in South London, we got busy.

I was looking for a very simple shot which captured some of the movie yet made the director look pretty cool. Think I just about managed it.

The feature is in Bizarre magazine, out now.